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2020 Club Championships

Annually the club host a prize-giving event where club members that participated in “club championships” will get rewarded in categories as set out below.

The dates below were elected by the Brackenfell Committee for club championship events in 2020.  At these races the Club gazebo will be put up. Updates will be sent to members via facebook and in the Newsletter prior to the race.

Club championship dates for 2020:

  • 10km: 07 Oct Bakgat
  • 15km: 30 May Easterns
  • 21km: 05 Sept MediHelp Tekkie Challenge
  • 42km: 21 Nov Winelands Stellenbosch
  • XCountry: 15 Aug WPA Cross Country

Club Championship categories you can participate in:

  • Ysterman / Ystervrou: die trofee word oorhandig aan die man en vrou wie die meeste pad kilometers vir die jaar gehardloop het. (WP, Boland, ens)
  • Top 10 Mans en Top 10 Dames: Elke WP wedloop word punte toegeken. Die eerste persoon kry 10 punte en die een wie 10de eindig kry 1 punt. Aan die einde vd jaar word die punte saamgestel en die top 10 in elke afdeling word vereer.
  • Aansporingspryse / Incentives: Elke jaar beloon die klub atlete wat ten minste 30 wedlope voltooi het en by ten minste 3 wedlope hul hulp aangebied het.
  • Club Champion: The winner of this trophy is truly “versatile”. The athlete must compete in at least 4 of the 5 pre-selected races by the committee. The athlete with the fastest total time is awarded this prestigious trophy.
  • Club Standards: Certain standards (in time) are set for each race distance in the different age categories for Gold, Silver and Bronze. Athletes who run a minimum of 3 standards in any distance are in line for this award. Click here to see list of standards.
  • Sportsman / Women of the Year: This award goes to the male and female runner who regularly competes in races from cross-country to ultra distances and who is always willing to assist the club in all its endeavours.
  • Skildpad: This is for the slow runner who competes regularly but unfortunately does not run fast enough to stand in line to win any of the other awards. The most wanted trophy!!
  • Most Loyal Member: This new trophy goes to the athlete who inspires other club members the most.

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